Opening of new state of the art pinikay manufacturing facility in Lithuania

The REDAL team is thrilled to share some fantastic news with you all! After dedicated efforts over the past year to expand our product range, we are delighted to announce the nearing opening of our state-of-the-art Pinikay/Shimada briquette manufacturing facility in Lithuania.

Our journey began with a commitment to delivering exceptional quality and performance in Pinikay/Shimada logs, known for their high calorific value, low moisture content, and intense heat output. However, despite their numerous benefits, availability has often been a challenge in the market. That’s why our goal has been twofold: not only to produce a superior product but also to ensure broader accessibility.

This endeavor has been monumental, and we extend our sincerest gratitude to our Purchasing Manager, Gytis, whose meticulous oversight has been instrumental in ensuring the success of this project. If all proceeds according to plan, we anticipate commencing manufacturing operations by early Summer of 2024 – less than a month away!

Situated in Pakapė (coordinates 55.78818, 23.26630), a mere 30 km from our offices and conveniently positioned 160 km from the Klaipėda port, our new facility boasts impressive dimensions. With a warehouse spanning 3000 m² and an additional 1000 m² allocated for manufacturing space, we are equipped to meet your demands efficiently. Our facility will house cutting-edge machinery custom-made by our trusted partners, featuring 5 presses and 1 dryer with provisions for future expansion. Initial manufacturing volumes are projected at 2 tons per hour, with an initial output target of 500 – 1000 tons per month, poised for growth as we streamline our processes.

As we approach the commencement of manufacturing operations, now is the opportune moment to discuss product volumes and anticipated demand. You are encouraged to secure your volume allocations and prepare for the upcoming heating season. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate welcoming visitors to our facility once the assembly process concludes, providing firsthand insights into our manufacturing operations.

Do not delay – start preparing for the next heating season with a superior, locally-produced product from Lithuania. For further details regarding product specifications and pricing, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated sales agents (found at Contact Us page), who are ready to assist you.

Thank you for your continued support as we embark on this exciting new chapter together.